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Term Sheets

By David Schmidt - December 8, 2017

COHI offers seemless loans on commercial properties or investment residential.  An importnant aspect of the loan process is the term sheet and since we all want to get a loan funded the terms need to be spelled out in and understnadable fashion.  The term sheet serves this purpose.  It is an easy to read document that starst the whole process.

After an inital discussion with Mike or David a term sheet is provided to the borrower.  This identifies the collateral, borrower, lender (COHI), length of loan, interest rate, payments and exit fee in a simple easy to understand manner.  Loan DOCS can be confusing and exhasuting to read so this simplifies the process so we all know where we stand when a loan is ready to fund.

Once the borrower signs the term sheet we begin the process of drawing up all the DOCS so we can fund at a local title company.  Hard money loans should not be difficult and have hidden fees that are surpises later. COHI offers a preliminary term sheet so that the whole process is all laid out and honest.  Please call 970-922-3277 for any questions you may have or to start the process of a quick and easy real estate loan.