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DOC Creation - 4th step

By David Schmidt - December 30, 2017

We are almost there!!!  Once we have created an executed term sheet, David Schmidt has verified value or finished due diligence and the preliminary title has been cleared the next step is to have the loan documents created.

This process is completed by an attorney that we have on retainer.  the loan DOCS included but are not limited to a note, deed of trust, and a loan guarantee.  This part of the process is fairly simple and easy.

Once the DOCS are created then they are sent to the title company that has been chosen to close the loan and they contact the borrower to schedule a closing.  COHI cannot sen the DOCS directly tp the borrower it has to be done via the title company.  

The funds are set to the title company and the and we are ready to close.

Please call David Schmidt at 970-922-3277 to discuss the viability of your loan request.