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Property Types

By David Schmidt - January 25, 2018

CoHI Colorado lends on several different property types.  We will lend money using most any property type as collateral except owner occupied residential.  

Commercial property can be defined as any property that is not owner occupied.  Residential investment properties are an acceptable collateral and often used by borrowers.

In the initial conversations with CoHI about the feasibility of a loan one of the first topics of discussion will be the property type, location and current condition.  We will then identify any existing forms of value that we can and once value has been ascertained we can proceed with the initial step and that is issue a term sheet.

Obviously certain property types are eligible for a better LTV, rate and terms than others.  For example i ma often contacted about lending against raw land.  Although there is a value on all property some collateral is better than others.  We have done raw land loans before and will again but these are the types of deals that have to be scrutinized more carefully.

We tend to proceed to term sheets for the following property types without much due diligence: investment residential, commercial buildings, office buildings, apartment buildings, industrial and commercial mixed use.  Please don’t hesitate to contact David Schmidt with CoHI to discuss your hard money lending requirements.  We can give you a definitive answer quite quickly.  Please call 970-922-3277 to discuss your lending needs.