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Colorado Real Estate Brokers and Lenders: Compare and Contrast

March 21, 2018

When looking to borrow money for potential real estate investments and making sure that a deal can be completed, the choices can sometimes be extremely limited. Especially when the necessary funding needs to be available in a timely manner and monies must be contributed immediately in order to close on a particular deal before the price point falls through or other outside entities become involved in the transaction. All of these outside influences can often muddy the waters of a process for purchase or closing.

Individuals or groups looking to invest in commercial real estate often need financing from a qualified source but other factors also contribute to the overall completion of the transaction in question. Monies can typically often be readily dispersed but if not within a particular time frame then limits can become involved. These monies can also help to serve in the event of being capable of bridging any gaps between numerous closures before continuation allows a deal to fall through.

For these reasons, finding reputable and experienced sources for financing can be extremely beneficial to an investor. Knowing you can count on who is chosen to finance your loans can ease the stresses associated with buying, investing, or flipping real estate - especially in a tight commercial market.

Typically, there are two varying types of the normal investors or potential financing options. Both real estate brokers and lenders can help assist when monies are needed to bring closure to a particular commercial deal involving a building to be used for investment purposes. When this is the case, knowing which path is the best option for an investor or buyer is the best benefit for the purchaser when electing to complete the buying process and finalize a contract for purchase based on the commercial property in question or targeted in a real estate deal.

However, knowing when to utilize the appropriate sources can be extremely beneficial to a potential buyer. For example, both real estate brokers and property lenders have positives and negatives associated with their particular lending opportunities and understanding which is best for your immediate needs will help in establishing a deal that benefits both yourself, as the investor, and any potential sellers.

First, let’s take a look at the role of probable broker within the confines of a real estate investment and property selling deal from initiation to agreement and completion, or closure.

Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker is one step above a real estate agent and can typically run their own business with reputable specified agents working underneath them. Brokers however also have a significant difference from lenders since they cannot themselves appropriate funds for the purchase of a real estate property.

Brokers are hired during real estate transactions in an effort to find lenders who can then provide the finances needed to bring a deal to closure. While brokers are often a part of many real estate proceedings their direct involvement in the actual funding of a deal is less than ideal.

Brokers know where to find the money sources but they, themselves do not appropriate the funds necessary for financing a property transaction. Instead, the buyer seeks lenders who can finance the deal and provide the necessary funding for a deal to be completed.

Opposite brokers are lenders who can, in fact, provide the monetary means to finance a real estate transaction and ensure a deal can be closed in an appropriate manner. By ensuring a lender is a part of a deal, both the seller and buyer know previous to the completion that a transaction is high in probability and will thus ensure a closure is well documented and executed within the necessary timeframe.

Real Estate Lender

The real estate or mortgage lenders can be provided or accessed within a variety of sources to finance a deal. Either individuals, credit unions, or banks can perform the necessary funcitons to provide these particular people or groups which are capable of providing the monetary funds necessary to bring a deal to fruition.

Unlike brokers, the lender is the main piece of the puzzle when financing an appropriate deal for a real estate investment. These lenders help to ensure the funds are readily available and can be instrumental when determining that a deal be financed, signed, sealed, and delivered within the appropriate time frame.

Typically, if a broker is involved their only function is to serve as a means to provide a lender for the deal. Instead of relying on a broker for financing then going straight to the source and securing the services of a lender initially will help to alleviate any outside functions appropriated with the deal in question.

These lenders help to clear the path for financing and unlike brokers are the sole institution responsible for the monetary backing of a deal. The funds provided serve as a means to an end for the appropriateness of a deal in question and unlike brokers, lenders can typically provide the necessary action needed in a more timely manner.

Not only does this help to shorten the lending process, but also streamlines the proceedings for a deal by allowing less individuals to become involved while appropriating the necessary actions and financing available for a full financed deal upon conclusion of a fully funded transaction.

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