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Non-Traditional Denver Commercial Real Estate Property Types

May 16, 2018

Real estate moguls are constantly perusing the papers, books, pamphlets, and internet for potential properties that may be their next investment opportunity. While the options for consideration typically revolve around more traditional business practices, such as strip mall real estate, office parks, vacant storefronts, and industrial buildings, the existence of other properties can also serve to benefit parties willing to take a chance on more uncommon retail/rental option.

The existence of these buildings and opportunities is apparent but often overlooked because funding for such investment types can be difficult to attain. The recent market structure and availability of sources to back purchases of both land and non-traditional business properties has led to a decrease in individuals seeking to profit from the sell or revitalization of such buildings.

For those that are willing to complete the necessary steps in order to finalize a deal with such a consideration, the results can be extremely beneficial. However, the involvement for such a transaction will more often now involve a hard money lending source to assist matters. Just as the funding capabilities apply to traditional practices, these opportunities exist for this realm of both purchases and financers.

Some of the more non-traditional types of real estate offerings which may utilize a hard money lending source are detailed below.

Self-Storage Facilities

These types of establishments have been popping up across communities at a steady pace over the past few years. Landowners with intentions of making even more money via their product can add a self-storage facility and begin to generate income with minimal upfront costs and upkeep required.

Initially, these projects were largely minimally funded in an effort to increase gains but refinancing opportunities and a little refurbishing can bring such a facility back to life and make it profitable once again. While a traditional funding source may balk at this investment opportunity, depending on the characteristics and details of a deal, hard money lending may be a viable option for someone willing to do their homework on a property.


Depending on the traffic and location, a vacated property could be repurposed into a gold mine of an opportunity if handled correctly. Hotel buildings typically will not serve any other purpose due to their design characteristics but revitalizing an existing vacated property could be beneficial.

If no interest evolves from a sizeable player in the hotel industry, a small business owner may be just the person needed to back an attempt at remodeling or revamping the property in question. Depending on the characteristics of the deal, a hard money loan may be the perfect solution. Once financed, the project could potentially be a windfall if executed correctly.

Senior Housing

In similar fashion to a hotel, senior living facilities are also a unique real estate property type requiring a specific investor and financing application. Whether the current property is undergoing a complete renovation following a period of abandonment or is simply changing ownership roles, the need for money to finance either deal is evident.

As population numbers increase and medical advancements continue to prolong the average lifespan, a need for more of these facilities will become evident. Once achieved, the senior housing choices for real estate property types are plenty.

Age-Restricted Communities such as senior apartments where adults typically 55-years and older live independently is an option for those not yet needing any type of assistance with their daily lifestyles.

Assisted-Living and Nursing Homes are other available options for potential real estate investments. These two would also require some type of professional care either on a limited or full-time basis, depending on the current or desired property function.

Student Housing

Likewise, student housing can be another option for non-traditional real estate investment purposes. These units are likely located in a city or town with some type of continuing education facility. Whether backed by a major university or smaller community college, both can be pivotal players in helping a student housing opportunity to flourish.


Another non-traditional real estate investment opportunity lies within the ownership of warehouses. Similar to the investment proceedings behind personal storage facilities, a warehouse owner can then lend storage space to those in need or house their own belongings.

Either way, the real estate property requires ownership and a potential hard money loan for funding purposes. Whether an investor is going to make personal use of such a facility or use it to generate even more potential income will vary on a case by case basis.

The takeaway is to realize that no matter what property you are looking at, someone, somewhere is the owner. These individuals often didn’t inherit their money making ventures but instead took the necessary steps to acquire the real estate and in doing so, became a small business or investor at the time. Hard money loans are the vehicle by which many of these non-traditional types of real estate are funding and can help should you find yourself in a similar situation.

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