Colorado Bridge Loans

Bridge loans allow the individual to borrow funds to cover the short time between the purchase and re-selling dates of a property. Usually the property requires minimal work before it can be re-sold for a profit. Often transitional financing needs cannot be met so a hard money lender like COHI Colorado can fund your loan quickly. Other situations may call for a bridge loan when traditional financing falls through or if a bank calls a note due: a bridge loan may solve the short-term problem until permanent financing is secured. 

  • Each loan is unique, please call COHI Colorado to discuss your situation
  • Our team works with each applicant to assess the present value of the property; often an appraisal is not necessary
  • Loan ranges up to $3M
  • Lending ranges up to 70% of present value of the property
  • Loan terms up to 24 months


Important: We do not make consumer loans or loans primarily for personal, family or household use.