Colorado Lending Process

COHI is a hard money lender in Colorado. We are not a broker but a direct lender. COHI neither charges due diligence fees nor requires appraisals. Colorado hard money loans often need to fund quickly or they lose their efficacy. When you call COHI, you will speak with a decision maker and not a broker that needs to bring the loan to committee. Our process is based on accuracy and speed.


Our Colorado lending process at COHI:

  1. Submit your Colorado loan application by applying online, e-mailing us, or calling our offices at (808) 633-8201.
  2. Upload all pertinent documents or appraisals online here, or email them to us.
  3. We will issue at term sheet outliing the pricing, rate, and terms of the loan. If accepted, the borrower will sign the term sheet and return to COHI.
  4. Site visit is scheduled and a title company of your choose will issue prelimary title insurance.
  5. Loan documents are sent to title and the loan closes and funds.

This Colorado lending process generally takes 1-2 weeks. COHI has 20 years of experience of lending and real estate transactions. We take your loan seriously and when we commit to a loan, it will be funded.