Colorado Lending Guidelines—Pricing & Terms

COHI also has a strong tenured presence in Colorado. We have been funding Colorado private money real estate loans for over a decade. We specialize in properties located in the Front Range and up the I-70 corridor. Our strong presence in Colorado allows us to have a principal in state ready to answer any questions or analyze a potential loan.

We have flexibility to fund loans on all types of commercial and residential investment real estate. We only fund first position loans on all property types. Please remember that COHI does not fund second position mortgages or mezzanine financing. COHI believes in fair pricing and terms for all of our Colorado loans. Colorado hard money loans are generally more expensive than conventional financing due to the increased risk factor to the lender. COHI offers more affordable, flexible, and out-of-box lending solutions when an institutional or conventional Colorado loan is not an option.

Pricing and Terms: Rates vary by the type of Colorado property and the length of the loan. Rates vary from 11% — 13%. Fees range from 2% — 5%. Loan to value can range up to a maximum of 70%. Loan amounts range from $50,000 — $3,000,000 and vary depending on the type of Colorado property, location, and the condition of the property. All of our Colorado hard money loans are interest only payments throughout the term of the loan, however there are some cases where the payments are built into the loan.

COHI offers flexible prepayment terms on each loan and they vary depending on the length of the loan. COHI only funds first mortgage loans and will never finance a second position loan. All loans can come with an extension clause just in case plans are taken off course. General pricing and guidelines may vary with every deal, so please call to discuss.

Areas Served: COHI funds Colorado loans with real estate as collateral in the following areas in the Colorado: Front Range, I-70 Corridor, Mountain Towns.