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COHI Capital— Private Equity Lending

COHI Capital is a locally based private lender offering loans in Colorado and other select states. Based in Denver, we can provide quick funding competitively priced for properties. For over a decade, COHI has been assisting borrowers with short-term real estate loans that may not be bankable via traditional avenues.

COHI can fund most property types outside of primary residences. We do not make consumer loans or loans primarily for personal, family or household use.

We Make It Easy

COHI has streamlined the application process to serve the borrower more efficiently. We will reply to your application within one business day on your request for a loan on commercial property, investment or second residential property, or land loan.


COHI Capital specializes in funding commercial hard money loans for various types of borrowers and properties.


Renovation loans can offer convenient financing for borrowers who need to repair or update properties that they’ll be renting or selling soon.


When real estate investors need fast, short-term financing to buy properties, they can turn to COHI Capital .


COHI Capital can offer the financing solutions non-U.S. citizens need when they don’t qualify for conventional financing.


Bridge loans can provide the financing investors need to buy new properties while they are waiting for others to sell.


Are you buying mortgage-secured bundled notes and need financing to complete your transactions?


Making An Impact In Our Communities

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COHI also has a strong tenured presence in Colorado as well as other states. We have been funding private money real estate loans for over a decade. We specialize in properties located in the Front Range and up the I-70 corridor in Colorado as well as other selected states. Our strong presence in Colorado and other selected states allows us to have a principal in state ready to answer any questions or analyze a potential loan.

We have flexibility to fund loans on all types of commercial and residential investment real estate. We only fund first position loans on all property types. Please remember that COHI does not fund second position mortgages or mezzanine financing. COHI believes in fair pricing and terms for all of our loans. Hard money loans are generally more expensive than conventional financing due to the increased risk factor to the lender. COHI offers more affordable, flexible, and out-of-box lending solutions when an institutional or conventional loan is not an option.

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