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Ready to talk? COHI has streamlined the application process to serve the borrower more efficiently. We will reply to your application within one business day on your request for a loan on commercial property, investment or second residential property, or land loan. Office Location: 5303 E Evans Avenue, Ste 102 Denver, CO [...]

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Denver Commercial Real Estate Renovation Loan Applications


One of the most popular mediums for investment opportunity in today’s real estate market involves purchasing a property, making renovations and upgrades before ultimately selling it for what one hopes to be a considerable profit. If managed correctly and properly researched then the return on an investment can be extremely beneficial. So long [...]

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Transactional Funding: Here When You Need It Most


While most consumers are familiar with the traditional mortgages associated with home ownership, commercial property and other building investments can be a little more complicated. On the surface, these transactions can be a bit more involved with additional moving pieces depending on the price and number of investors related to a specific property. [...]

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COHI Capital— Private Equity Lending COHI Capital is a locally based private lender offering loans in Colorado and other select states. Based in Denver, we can provide quick funding competitively priced for properties. For over a decade, COHI has been assisting borrowers with short-term real estate loans that may not be bankable [...]